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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. ~Chinese Proverb

I took a trip to the library yesterday with the kids.  After spending some time in the children's department, we wondered upstairs to the adult section - oh that sounded inappropriate - the Adult library?  Not sure what to call it now.  I grabbed a couple of books - based on the cover and title alone.  One of them was called The Mother Dance.  I thought it might be interesting.  Written by a Ph.D. Psychologist and mom of 2 boys.  Almost immediately it grabbed my interest with this sentence, "Who wants to read anything written by a mother who is arrogant, who sails through effortlessly, who is blissed out putting a snowsuit on her flailing toddler..."  Although I feel, and always felt that I was meant to be a mother,  I never, ever thought it would be this difficult and challenging.  So you can see why I continued to read on.  But my "kinship" with the author, Harriet Lerner quickly disappeared.  She goes on to discuss how she never really had that maternal instinct.  She discusses the distance and differences that grew between her and her husband.  Whereas I truly feel closer to Joe than ever before.    So I stopped reading it.  I might pick it up again since as I looked it over while I was writing this blog, I found a few other things that grabbed my attention.

Now I'm stuck for something to read.  I'd like to ask if anyone has any recommended reading.  Fiction, non-fiction, whatever.  Leave a comment and let me know! 




  1. "Angels and Idols" written by fellow Angelman parent and singer-songwriter Regie Hamm. He's a fellow angel parent and the winner of the 2008 American Idol song-writer contest. His experience is gripping...you'll feel like you're reading fiction.

  2. A book is more like a forest carried in your pocket, seeing as the paper it was made with came from trees.....murdered trees. Haha.

    I'm just kidding. Blog looks great, Karen! I'm really impressed.

    Hope all is well!

    All the best,