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Friday, June 20, 2014

Elmira Family Photographer. bravery beads

I met this family in Elmira's South Park Woods.  One of my new fave places to photograph families.  It has a woodsy feel and a few places for kids to run around.  There are lots of sticks to collect, stumps to jump off of and leaves to throw around.

This family was selected as one of my 33rd birthday winners and they were nominated by 2 different people.  Their daughter Ella - at only 10 months old - has been through a lot in her very young life.  And her parents and big brother have gone through it with her.  You can see from the exceptionally large number of bravery beads that this girl is pretty much amazing.  So we celebrated her and her amazing family with photos!

Kristen,  thank you so much for inviting me to capture your family.  You are a wonderful bunch - full of love and support and very much due for a relaxing summer!  Please enjoy a few of my favourites from our session!

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