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Friday, June 6, 2014

Elmira Children's Photographer. Why not the disk of images

As a mom, I'm busy.  Busy taking care of my family, running my business, my house and my life.  And I know you are too.  You're racing to daycare or school, heading to work,  thinking about what to make for dinner (ugh!! my least favourite part of the day), making dinner, getting the kids into bed and then (hopefully) enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet.  We do it every. single. day.  Run here, there and everywhere.  Even on the days we take it easy or pamper ourselves, it still feels like we don't have a spare second. 
So when you invest in family photography - I know you want the disk of images.  I know that it is valuable and I know you have big plans.  You want to create a scrapbook, a family wall grouping, a printed album for grandma.  You want to share on facebook, and print a few to replace the outdated ones on the side table.  You have beautiful, big plans.  And your family doesn't deserve any less.

A few years ago, I recognized that those things just weren't getting done.  The to-do list was not getting shorter, it was getting longer.  That the "every day" was prolonging the "some day..." And yes, I still have a dozen (or so) frames under my bed that I planned to use for a big family gallery wall.  But the truth (and reality) is that it isn't getting done.

And I began to recognize the same in my clients.  They don't have time to order a print, find a frame, put image in the frame, plan the wall grouping, and finally hang the images.  They would rather spend their free moments playing with the kids, enjoying time with friends and family, going out on a date with their spouse and enjoying their lives. 

So is it really the disk of images you want?  or is it the finished product?  The gorgeous canvas showing that moment between your kids, the grouping above the fireplace telling a story about your family or that feeling you get when you walk past your family up on the wall.  That's what you really want!

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