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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Winterberry's Design & Decor - Elmira. Elmira Photographer

Hey friends, If you need a new place to shop - I've found it. Winterberry's Designs & Decor in Elmira.  It's a beautiful shop with beautiful staff and beautiful products.  I easily wandered through (with Charlie in the stroller) to check out the small furniture pieces, jewellery, home decor items, purses, throw pillows, scarves and my fave item - recycled woven plastic bags.  The price point is reasonable and I didn't feel like my little man was going to pull something off the shelf, or I was going to knock over an expensive item with the stroller. It was airy and fresh and it didn't feel cramped or crowded. What a wonderful gem in downtown Elmira.

Judy, the shop's owner was warm and friendly and her adventures in Vietnam brought back some amazing bags - I couldn't resist buying one.  The bags are handmade in Ho Chi Minh City from reused plastic pieces.  They are a part of everyday life in Vietnam, carrying anything from fresh produce from market to spare motorcycle parts.  Their durability is crucial to their functionality, but their personality and colour is what makes them so wonderful.

I also purchased a beautiful, delicate small scarf which you may very well see wrapped around a snug newborn soon.

If you need some new inspiration for your home or yourself, then this is the place.

Winterberry Design & Decor Inc
5 Church Street East

1 comment:

  1. Hello,
    I would have to agree completely in the "Aura" that this store emits. I have been into this store and the personality that it has is amazing. From each corner it is obvious that care and attention was present in the thought process. Judy and her staff have done an outstanding job and this store is a "Must Visit" for everyone.

    Well Done Judy !!!

    Scott T.