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Monday, September 30, 2013

Elmira Children's Photographer. mom+camera

Another tip on taking great photos of your children.  If you submit your email address to the right, you are guaranteed to never miss another post again. 

So here is probably one of the easiest, yet hardest things I will ask you to do: Use your camera everyday.  Not your phone camera, but your real, big, bulky camera.  Practice Practice Practice.  Chase your kids around with it for 20 minutes each day.  Become a mama paparazzi.  Try to perfect the tips I set out for you.  It won't be easy and at first you will probably forget, but as you go it will get easier and easier and you will get better and better at capturing your children as they grow.  At the end of the week choose your favourite image and print it.  Small or big, it doesn't matter, but get it printed and share it with your kids.  They will love to see them selves in print.  Also, feel free to tag me in images you post to facebook from challenges or tips I set out for you.  I love to see your progress.

In case you are just joining now, here is what you've missed so far:
Lesson 1 - getting your kids excited about being photographed
Lesson 2 - Focusing tips and tricks

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