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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Elmira Family Photographer: What Mom wants

I recently posted a photo on facebook from a session I had had the previous day.  I like to tease my clients sometimes.  I like to get people excited about their photos and truthfully...I like the positive feedback.  It helps to fuel my creative juices (so to speak).  This particular photo was a group of people I hold close to my heart: my brother-in-law and his family.  I love taking photos of them because of how easy it is, how flexible they are and because I kinda like them.

So when Kelly commented on the photo: "THAT is the most perfect picture...thank you! It's beautiful and just what I wanted!! Thank you thank you!",  I knew three things. 1- I had done half my job (the taking of the photographs) and 2 - I had to make this happen for her.  To make sure that this image she loved so much didn't end up in a file folder on her computer. and 3-That this is something I want as well.  That all moms want that photograph where their family is together, forever captured in that moment. That. Is. My. Job.  

For those reasons, I will be making the move to specializing in custom designed wall groupings and fine framed pieces of your family and children in 2013.   So that my clients smiles, hugs and lovely faces have a place in their homes.  So that everyday they can truly appreciate that moment; their moment.

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