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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elmira newborn photographer - Beautiful little A

The world is full of endless possibilities - especially when you have your new baby girl in your arms.  Natalie's little A was already 2 weeks old when she contacted me for her newborn session.  We booked something right away, since with infants, sooner is always better.  I actually recommend contacting me while you are still pregnant so that we can make sure to fit you in within baby's first week of life.  This session turned out to be a marathon.  Little A was exactly how a 2+ week old should be - sleepy for a while, and then fussy - for a long while.  Together, Natalie and I chatted about everything baby while she nursed or rocked, or nursed again.

Natalie, thank you for the wonderful conversation.  Despite what the clock said, our session flew by and I hope you feel the same way - the last image was totally worth the wait. (check out the last image below).  I hope you are enjoying your time with A.  It was a pleasure to work with you!
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