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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Creating A Little Colour

It all started with my husband's idea.  We were planning on shooting our family Christmas card picture.  We have 2 small children -10 months old and 2 1/2 years old.  They are wonderful, sweet, funny and fantastic, but they wear us out!  At the end of every day, when the kids are in bed and hopefully asleep, my husband and I both look at each other and are thankful for some silence. 

So here comes the great photo idea: have the kids getting into some sort of shenanigans - banging on pots and pans, colouring with markers on each other or something like that.  The dog could be getting into trouble too - as usual.  Maybe he could be destroying our daughter's drawing or chewing on a roll of toilet paper.  That is after all, his favourite snack.  My husband and I would be in the background, looking exhausted (as if that was a stretch) with no real intention on stopping the chaos around us.  We thought it would make a hilarious shot.

As the discussions on what the kids should be doing continued, we thought it would be funny if our daughter was about to squirt paint on our son.  This evolved into paint everywhere!  The dog in paint, our son splashing in paint and our daughter squirting the paint.  So I set up the shot, covered the floor with roll after roll of craft paper, put the camera on the tripod and enlisted the help of my in-laws to push the button.  Did I mention we decided that we all should wear white shirts!
Copyright 2010 Green Apple Photography

Copyright 2010 Green Apple Photography

Copyright 2010 Green Apple Photography

Here are the results of all the fun. It turns out that tempera paint isn't so easy to get off of skin and that 10 month olds want to taste it, and that no matter how hard you try, paint ends up on something you didn't intend.  After the clean up was done, the baths complete and the kids in bed, my husband and I once again looked at each other and were thankful for a few moments of silence - but this time we were smiling at the fun we had with our kids that day.

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