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Friday, August 30, 2013

Elmira Family Photographer. Aren't prints obsolete?

I recently had a conversation with my sister after photographing her newborn daughter.  We did her follow up sales session where she chose 3 amazing canvas gallery wraps.  I'm so excited to see them on her wall!  But she also expressed an interest in getting more images.  She mentioned the digital files and I no longer offer the digital files as a stand alone product.  I have very, very good reasons for this.  Most my clients want the digital files for 2 reasons. 1-so that they can post them online or share/email them.  2-to make prints (for gifts or for their walls/albums).  But aside from posting them to facebook they NEVER do anything with the files.  They rarely find the time to get them printed, they find it difficult to even choose their favourites and now except a nearly obsolete disk of files, they don't have anything to show for it.  Most don't even have their images backed up.  They spent time and energy shopping for clothing, fixing hair and stressing over how everyone looked.  They worried whether the children would behave and hoped no one would have a temper tantrum during the session - and they have nothing to show for it!  No portrait hanging on their wall, no lovely image of their kids in their wallet, and not a single image their children will see everyday.  This is the biggest reason to have actual hold-in-your-hand photographs. Our kids need to see themselves belonging!  We, the parents, get to see it everyday.  Our background image on our phone, our cover photo on our facebook page or our profile image.   But our kids aren't on the computer and they don't do social media.  Where would they see these images?  Really think about this - our kids just don't get the opportunity to see these photographs!

I recently had my own family portraits done and it was hard - hard to get it all together and hard to even choose my faves - but it was so worth it!  Afterward, I let my kids choose an image to put in their rooms.  They didn't pick the adorable shot of them alone - they picked a picture of the whole family or one with their siblings.  This was really shocking to me but that was their favourite!

And so continues my mission to get your photos off of your hard-drive and facebook pages and onto the walls in your home.

Elmira Family Photographer
family photograph by Jennifer Son

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