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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Elmira Photographer. Glamour Photography

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." ~Confucius

She'd been at home with her baby for the past year.  night feeds, diaper changes and nap schedules.  She had worked hard.  Very hard.  It isn't bon bons and soap operas when you are at home for your baby's first year. She deserved some time.  An afternoon to herself to get pampered and treated like a woman again.  Not just a mom.  So I decided to surprise my sister.  A make-over and glamour photo shoot.  I told her I had a portrait session (not a lie) and that I needed her to baby-sit my 3 kiddos (a complete lie - in fact, my husband was watching her little one for the afternoon)  She came over and kept asking about my session.  Who was it for? Where was it? What time did I have to leave?  I carefully dodged her questions until her friend and hairstylist showed up.  That's when we revealed the big secret. "Surprise, you are my photo shoot!"

Cindy, I had so much fun with your shoot...you looked amazing!  Hope you enjoyed your time!

Amazing hair by Andrea Potvin and beautiful makeup by Jenn Eades.  Thanks girls for helping pull off this surprise.

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