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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do what you feel....feel what you do.

This summer I am Maid of Honour in my friend's wedding.  My daughter Maria, age 3, was asked to be a flower girl.  As the bride, Trisha prepares for the "big day", she's created a wedding website, where guests can check out everything from their gift registry, maps & locations to wedding party bios.  As I sat down to write Maria's, I was stumped.  After all, how do I sum up this amazing little girl in only a few sentences.  She has added sparkle to my life, both figuratively and literally.  She is crazy.  She jumps, twirls, dances, sings (although not exactly on key), and has an amazing sense of life.  She likes to wear mismatched socks.  Her shoes are never on the right feet.  She often makes up her own words and language.  She loves her brother.  But most importantly, she has made me realize what is really important.  Not whether your socks match or people are laughing as you jump and twirl...but that we (you, her, me) should do what we feel and feel what we do.


  1. So I just noticed in the last photo...wearing her brother's infant hat...boots on the wrong feet...2 different mittens

    Classic Maria.

  2. Wonderful - thank you for the smile!

  3. The last picture of Maria is amazing!