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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guelph Children's Photographer. little naked cutie

Little J had just woken up from her morning nap when I arrived for her 3 month session.  It brought me back to when my Charlie was 3 months old and all the things he could and couldn't do.  I wish I had more photos of him then.  This little beauty was ready to go.  She was a little shy and serious at first, but once we got her naked - look out.  She loved it! She told us stories, smiled (a ton) and was just a happy little girl.

Jill, it was so lovely to meet you and your little J.  She was a doll and I truly enjoyed our chat together.  Wishing you all the best as your little one grows!  Did I mention that I'm super jealous of your 10 hours of sleep each night?  Well, I am.  Please enjoy a few of my faves from our session.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Elmira Family Photographer. Your family on the wall

At the end of 2012, I had decided to make a change to my business (see my blog about it here).  A change that will fully serve my clients (instead of going half way - which is what I believe I was doing before).  I now include a follow up session with every photo shoot.  Together we will go through all you photos and make sure that all the images you love don't just end up on your hard drive.  We will create something amazing for you to display in your home.  I love extending my creativity to include your home and your family. 

I recently had such a session and the framed pieces arrived, the letter was painted and the sign (which is one of my faves) painted, sanded and roughed up too!  I couldn't wait to get them on the wall.

So now you no longer need to worry about how you will hang your images, where to get frames (I have 3 different styles and 7 colour choices), what other products to get (albums, metal prints, canvas gallery wraps).  I can guide you through all of the choices and help you make the most of your portrait session and help "spruce up" your home too. 

So here are the images to show you what I can create...It's not just about the portraits, but the grouping, the casual way we arranged them, the modern frame style (notice no mats) and the little extras we added to make it scream this family's personality!

If you like what you see, contact me and together, we can create something awesome for you too!