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Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter Wonderland. Elmira Children's Photographer

I've had this vision for a winter session (when we aren't part of the polar vortex) and I convinced my 6 year old to join me in the yard (with piles of snow) so I could photograph her.  But it was cold and not quite the right time of day but I still managed to get a couple of amazing shots of her.  I'd like to do more of this so I'm looking for a few young people ages 6-18 for some more winter wonderland sessions.  The sessions will be complimentary and take place this week while it is warm and wonderfully snowy.  So if you don't have any March Break plans, please contact me asap.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Newborn twins photography. Elmira Children's Photographer

I held a contest and gave away 3 portrait packages.  This family had just had twins and it was perfect timing for their session.  We booked their session 2 days after I called to let them know they won!  Talk about timing.

The boys were little angels when I arrived at their home.  They slept beautifully and I had such a great time.

Dana and Melo, thank you for introducing me to your family.  Jackson was such a great big brother and the twins were awesome!  I hope you have found a spare moment to hang your framed print on the wall.  They will cherish it for years!  Please enjoy a few of my favourite images.