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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tween Photography. Building self-esteem

Moms,  I'm writing this to you because I see it coming.  I see the tween years only a wee bit off in the distance and it brings me back .

Do you remember when you were 9,10,11 years old?  Do you remember how you felt about yourself? I sure do.  I was the smart kid who wore glasses who never thought she was beautiful.  I was always self conscious about what I was saying, doing, wearing...heck even how I was standing.

Now imagine how a single, beautiful portrait could have done for you when you were that age?  To not see yourself as just the fat, skinny, glasses-wearing, hair never working girl...but to just see yourself as beautiful! 

And how many of you don't even have photos of yourself at that age? Don't have anything but the soft blue background (or cool lazers) of a school photo (you know the one you could have done re-takes for 1000 times and still not loved).

Let's give your daughter something you never had the opportunity for, something that studies have shown can help self-worth. Something she'll likely never outright thank you for, but you'll feel it everytime she stares at herself in these images.

I will be offering limited Tween sessions in the new year.  Contact me for more details about how together we can raise self-esteem, give an amazing experience and you can spend some one-on-one time with your daughter (or son).