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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

KW Birth Photographer. What an amazing experience

In the spring I met up with a good friend at a baby show I was attending.  I like to make connections with new moms and also others in the industry.  She was expecting her second and was telling me her plans for a home birth.

I lit up!

I have been really wanting to photograph a home birth for some time - just to see what it was like and whether it was a good fit for me, my family and my business. Plus Natasha knew that I hadn't done it before and we were both on the same page about scheduling and the fact that she has babies like I do - in about an hour or 2.

One beautiful June morning, I got a text from her.  I had just enough time to drop the kids off at school, head over to her place and capture this amazing experience.  I bawled when little Natalie was born and stared at this woman who, to me, was so beautiful and courageous in that moment.  I could go on forever about how wonderful this was, but I'd rather share the images with you.  Please enjoy.

Also, for privacy I have not included any images of the actual birth - I've decided to keep those especially for the family to enjoy.

Welcome to the world Natalie!!