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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer. Elmira Children's Photographer. Summer?!?!

Yesterday I wore flip flops to drop the kids off at school and today the kids had to wear their full snow garb!  I won't get into how this crazy weather is likely a symptom of global warming (but I think it is), however I feel I need to say this: I really missed flip flops.  I miss sunscreen and warmth on my face.  I miss sun-kissed noses and big sun hats.  I dream about my feet in warm sand and long walks after dinner (where the walk is longer than the getting ready).  I'm so excited for summer that I went out and got the kids summer hats and sandals and T-shirts yesterday.  And I guessed on shoe sizes because they weren't with me and I'm quite proud to say I chose the right size (until they grow out of them).  So what is your favourite summer footwear for kids?  what lasts, what looks cute, but I don't have to worry if they get too dirty? What do you love on their cute little feet?

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