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Monday, November 25, 2013

Elmira Family Photographer. Growth in every sense of the word

I have the pleasure of photographing this family nearly every year and I love working with them.  They bring their best to every session and it makes me happy to have that level of commitment from them.  Some people would say that it's only photographs - but they realize that we're doing more than capturing the likeness of their children.  We are capturing their true selves - their spunky, independent nature, their fun relationship with dad, their gravitation towards mom at this age, and their beautiful smiley faces.  We don't say cheese in my world - we actually laugh. 

Jeremy and Kelly,  Thank you for bringing me into your world and for allowing me to capture your kids - Jamie's reserved cuteness and Kate's complete takeover of her world.  It makes me happy to see your family displayed on the walls of your home and the way you value it as art - they truly are pieces of art in every sense of the word.  Please enjoy a few of my favourites from our session.

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