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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elmira Children's Photograher. 8 steps to taking pictures of your own kids.

Taking pictures of your own children can be very difficult.  Especially when they are young.  Here are a few tips I have for all the mama paparazzi out there.

1.  You child should be in a relatively good mood, fed, and clean(optional...lol).  Nothing worse then trying to keep them happy AND get great shots of them. 

2.You should be in a good mood, fed, and clean...joking - but I was serious about the good mood.  Cranky mom with a camera = cranky child

3. Let your child play and have fun.  If taking pictures of you kids is something you want to do on a regular basis, then it has to be a fun experience for them.  When you let them play and have fun, you get natural joyous expressions.  If you are forcing them into a specific pose or asking them to smile, you are going to get the "scary smile".  The squished up face, squinty eyes smile!  Tell them jokes, have them tell you jokes, tickle them or laugh with them.

4. Lighting. In my opinion it is the most important part of photography.  After all photography means Light Painting.  Overhead light and on-camera flash can be harsh and create bad shadows.  Put your kids in front of a big window (not direct sun) and use that lovely diffused light for your images.   

5. Focus.  make sure your little cutie is in focus.  Nothing worse then having expression, lighting and your kid cooperating and having a blurry image. Make sure your monkeys eyes are in focus and that's all that matters.

6. Composition. Once you get comfortable you can start to work on different ways to improve the composition of your images - more on that soon.

7. Print your good and great shots.  Hang them on your walls. Display them in your home.  What good are amazing shots, if you aren't going to show them off.

8. Practice.  The more you shoot, the better you will get and more comfortable you will be.  That's when it gets fun. 

I will be posting more about making and taking great shots.  If there's a subject you'd like more information on, let me know.  Just post a questions in the comments below.

Here are some shots I took of my kids!  Enjoy!

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